Dr. Sami Bahri

Dr. Sami Bahri was born in Lebanon where he received his dental degree from Saint Joseph Jesuit University. He spent three years in Paris, France specializing in dental prosthetics, and upon his return to Lebanon, he started teaching dentistry.

Dr. Sami Bahri

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Soon he became chairman of the Fixed Prosthodontics department, and in 1984 was appointed as the founding director of the dental school at the Lebanese University.

In 1990, he moved to Jacksonville, FL with his wife Dr. Micheline Baz Bahri and co-founded Bahri Dental Group with his brother, Dr. Gaby Bahri. They have been providing their dental services to Jacksonville ever since.

Dr. Sami is the first "Lean" dentist, the author of the internationally recognized workbook: "Follow the learner" and the winner of the Shingo Prize. He was a pioneer at implementing Toyota production principals in is dental office: just in time and one piece flow, resulting in no wait, no waste. He lectures across the US and has made Bahri Dental Group a beacon of dental management that many companies visit and learn from.

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